Private Guiding

In addition to set departure tours, I do a lot of private guiding and am available for hire when I’m not out on tour.

My rates for daily guide services are:
$100 daily minimum charge
2-4 people: $100/half day — $200/full day.
5-7: $150/half day — $300/full day
8-10: $250/half day — $500/full day

Most of my business is custom tours for single clients to specific locations or sets of locations, but I also organize set departure tours which you may either sign up for during the set dates, or hire me to arrange a customizable itinerary based on the tour itinerary at any departure dates of your choosing.

Set Tour Itinerary destinations include (but not limited to):
Arizona: Sky Islands or Monument Valley regions
California: Coastal or Southern
Colorado: Loop tour or Western
Florida: Loop tour, Everglades or Panhandle
Minnesota: Owls and Finches winter departures
Washington: Loop tour from Seattle to Spokane

Trinidad & Tobago: 10-day departure through Caligo Ventures
Yucutan Peninsula: Ancient ruins, Cozumel and Flamingos
Peru: various departures


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